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the rangers last night. we talked about it and seemed like early in the season, they wanted attack but it was slider, slider, slider . showed the fast paul as well they have discovered that as well. they have played extremely well. did is inside and now two-one. got one of the great ones in baseball.
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they talked about batting pract yes loves to put on a show. we have 152 games . and one-nothing on that swing there. watch this swing and recall from all of the force in the swing. wow. when your back hit becomes the -- that means you are getting through the baseball. two on and no one out. top of the eighth inning. and cespedes drives it to deep
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center and jeffrey is under it and make it is the catch and out number one. and both runners advance. i consider cespedes a great high fast ball hitter. it is the cutter first pitch and fast ball inside and little off speed. it is a much hitter . got the pitch they wanted. it is johnnie gomes and struck out twice. strike one.
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it is a baseball in a hurry. it is a hitter. it is to the right and heading back to third. and that is weeks . it is throwing and never know what can happen. it was not deep enough.
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you can score on that ball. here is carter. and fast ball and strike. one. we talked about carter's. that is for chris carter and down in the minors. over the last eight seasons. the a's ran two in the eighth. still have doubts about taking aspirin for tough pain? listen to what mvp justin verlander thinks about it.
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theúú official pain reliever. and just by sam sung next big thing is here . we are at a game summery. and perez first career start and josh hamilton three-run shot at the fifth. and rangers with a run. and it was back in the inning.
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>> a's led one-nothing in the beginning . in the fifth. cruz pops to right center. and catch is made by cocochrisfor out number one. >> and for our entire crew. led by carolyn mcdorant and director brian evans and associate kathy hunt . broadcast associate returning to the state of texas depil bert pin eda. and don wilyemike san tina and
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the director mark gibert. and marti purching the numbers for us in the broadcast booth. mike napoli with one out. and napoli one-three and singles and scored back in the fifth inning. it is 46,000 and 46,700. and only the philadelphia phillies have a higher attendance. it is terrific. it is home fold advantage. it is staying. very impressive.
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it is a t-shirt night. >> i have not received the bobal head. and it comes down to the glove of weeks and napoli is retired . checkeg out the view. they are back with the twins in town on baseball night in america. >> he's a hard working man these days. he had worked three straight day
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with a total of 86 pitchers . and right field corner. they are proud as they reach the college world series. he's donated a lot of time and money to the stony brook program since becoming of age. >> he's a big part of their turn around . they now play at joe nathan field. you take walk around and a lot of stony brook and pass them out. >> for those viewers who have no idea where stony brook is located. it is on the eastern end of long island.
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kirkman will try to close things out for the rangers. top of the ninth inning. and it is a two-one lead and the rangers scored five in the bottom of the fifth inning. perez, the 21 year old left hander in line for the win,
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first major league start. two runs on six hits and one walk and five strike outs . one home run off of the bat of the chris carter in the second inning. >> very impressive start by perez. he's made 25 starts in the triple a. and the era with five. and it did steam like it was the start. it is a change up. and that is out there visiting all of the minor league pitchers . one away as inge strikes out.
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and mike maddux special assistant to the general manager. hours and hours to wipe that smile off of the face of martin perez. it is thing he will have that extra second tonight. >> he will enjoy that. and it is like how much is used. and get everybody back to square one rest ready. and 7-wrero this season.
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it is a strike out. you talk about it. that is a champ. it is right field to nelson cruise. rangers one out away from win number 50. time now for the burger king smooth play of the game. it is back on two. throw-run home run. and it is 25th of the season. lead the majorers with 23 . runs batted in. fans on the feet in san antonio
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at suzuki steps out . the rangers leading 7-2. that is fouled back and two on for suzuki. now the sell out crowd gets louder.
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one-two from kirkman and suzuki got a piece of it. and great feeling. martin perez first major league start. 21 years old. in pitching in front of a sold out. [cheers and applause]
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still smiling. [cheers and applause] >> i would say the young man earned . and justin grim pitched well and ron washington had a start. he went with perez because he liked the lefty. that was down.
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it is back up coming. to suzuki. popped to right and cruz is under it and 21 year old martin perez can celebrate a victory in
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his first major league start. texas rangers and first team in all of baseball to win 50 wins. rangers win 7-crew. for our entire crew. coming up a comploot wrap up in the mlb studio. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch. ♪ like this one. ♪ or this one. ♪ or, maybe this one.
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♪ but when it's this easy to use citibank mobile check deposit at home...why would he? ♪ woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way.
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>> welcome to the fox basketball post game when the oakland a's
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got to arlington to start the series, they were hot. winning len-15 x. rangers roll again tonight. there is no slowing down the rangers jugure naught. there is always a big inning and the a's gave them a 5 out inning that hurt them . hamilton with a home run. can >> no rangers conversation is complete without check nothing on the angels. escobar's fifth home run of the year . that is some of the damage as the blue jays hand the angels the most lope sided loss of the season. and a history made in denver. mont e is the first player since switch hitting was compiled in 19forand each of the first two big league as home runs. >> you can't make that up. that is a cruel thing.
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>> padres on top in denver. don't miss the biggest event of the summer. baseball greatest stars battle for home field. it begins with a 2012 all-star game. i would imagine you will have toy at of rangers represent in the all-star. >> take the third base men and hamilton and whatever. they have one sneaky pitcher. matt harrison should start the all-star. >> maybe the more interesting conversation. who goes from the oakland roster. >> you are looking at reddick. cook who is out there and jaupy gomes. if you are looking for a threat and a pop. take a chadges. >> gomes as an all tar. >> no as a trade piece.
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>> i didn't ask you that question. >> i didn't ask. >> it is not that late. >> it is trugling. >> sorry america. >> next saturday last week of prime time baseball. and america's big game. coming up next except on the west coast your late local newings. for kev exin matt, sorry about that. good night .
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